We make conscious Fashion a simple choice

It all begins with a child

Orbasics began as one mother’s journey to find comfortable, sustainable and stylish clothes without harmful chemicals for her child and turned into a mission to make a difference in the clothing industry.

The status quo

Our founder Lilija is a mother and a determined businesswoman. She wanted to buy simple organic clothes for her little daughter Nika and it turned out to be a challenge. You've probably experienced something similar before:

- Sharp gender distinctions, either by colour, print or style

- Unknown origin of non-organic clothes in big fashion stores

- Low quality clothes that lose their color & shape after a few washes

Is there really no better way to make kids clothes?

With a big love for fashion, she decided to find out. She dove deep down the rabbit hole of fashion-making, talking to manufacturers in all of Europe and testing different designs. After months of research, cutting, designing and brainstorming she created her very first collection: functional unisex basics made of super soft organic cotton.

This was the start of Orbasics.

Our Mission

We created the clothes we wished for our and our friends' kids - soft, high-quality, sustainable and affordable basics that are super comfortable to wear.

At Orbasics, our customers actually come first. We strive to build meaningful relationships, to inspire and to make a positive difference.

Caring deeply about the well-being of our kids and the health of our planet, we want to make it easy to do good. We hope to inspire each other to have a positive impact on our world and to make a change together!

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Exceptional Quality

When it comes to what your kids wear, there are no compromises. Our soft clothes come in a superior quality that you can feel and are made to last through many generations.

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Fully Sustainable

All our basics are made from 100% certified organic cotton by a family-run manufacturer in Portugal. We choose the most ethical and responsible options at any point of our production chain, from the harvesting of the cotton to the packaging of our clothes. 

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Stylish and Simple

We love keeping clothes to their cool essentials. All our basics are unisex and unicolour for girls and boys to share. Our never-out-of-stock-collection comes in timeless designs that you can mix and match with other favourites.

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The Founder

Hey! I'm Lilija, the founder of Orbasics with a passion for sustainability, fashion and beautiful products that breathe simplicity. I’m also the mother to my wonderful daughter, Nika. This combination of magic ingredients is what drives me everyday in my quest for better clothing.

I love what I do and I think we are living in the most amazing times, but we do have to be careful about the direction we’re going. Everyone is responsible. Everyone can shape our future. Let’s do it together!

Thanks for joining us, I’m super excited you are here and the journey that lies ahead of us!